2019 TQHA Yearling Sale

Sale: 2019 TQHA Yearling Sale
Date: July 26 & 27, 2018
Location: Exposition Hall at the Freeman in San Antonio, Texas

*Catalog pages and photos coming soon!


Hip PDF Photo Name DOB/Color/Gender Sire Dam Dam Sire
113 #113 CONTINUAL DIVIDENDS   Continual Dividends 2/22/2018 brown colt The Louisiana Cartel Ms Athenas Dividend Brimmerton
158 #158 ONE AND GONE   One And Gone 4/21/2018 bay colt One Famous Eagle Go You Must Meter Me Gone
188 #188 FIRST COURAGE   First Courage 1/21/2018 gray filly Captain Courage First Place Princess First Place Dash
12 #12 OUR SECRET SISTER   Our Secret Sister 1/19/2018 gray filly Hez Our Secret Sister Jess Mr Jess Perry
241 #241 NAME PENDING   Name Pending 3/9/2018 brown filly Captain Courage Tiny First Effort First Down Dash
141 #141 OUR SECRET RUNNER   Our Secret Runner 3/3/2018 gray colt Hez Our Secret Gray Baby Runaway Runaway Winner
75 #75 NAME PENDING   Name Pending 2/1/2018 bay filly Hez Our Secret Fast Prize Shana Shazoom
83 #83 NAME PENDING   Name Pending 2/27/2018 brown colt Captain Courage First Prize Joy Oak Tree Special
138 #138 SHANA KAY   Shana Kay 3/22/2018 bay colt Captain Courage Fast Prize Shana Shazoom