About 6666 Supply House

The Supply House, built by Captain Burnett around 1900, was a place where Four Sixes employees and those from surrounding ranches could purchase everyday items plus luxuries ranging from tailored goods to fresh fruit, and in time became the old-fashioned general store that still functions today. The Supply House provided a type of security to ranch employees that was not found on most ranches.

In addition to stocking inexpensive goods and provisions, the Supply House served as a bank for Four Sixes employees that allowed them to purchase items on credit. Store management made regular deductions from payrolls to cover these charges.

Although not often, the Supply House was a target for robbers. Many items were stolen, including once when several $35 Stetson hats were taken. These hats were the best that money could buy in those days. Sheriff Arthur Payne of neighboring Cottle County knew of the robbery, so when he arrested a man wearing a new Stetson with 6666 in the sweatband, the man was brought to trial for the burglary and sentenced to 10 year in the Texas State penitentery.

It was in the Four Sixes Supply House that Captain Burnett maintained his office while at the ranch, and, in fact, usually slept there in a back room. Today, the facility operates as a general store and hardware store, serving the ranch as well as the general public. Visitors can purchase many different 6666 souvenirs, from coffee mugs to jackets to books, along with snacks and supplies, and also can order directly through the 6666 Ranch website. The original cash register, safe and early account books are still kept there.

In the old days, the supply house stocked tobacco, leather and tack, jeans, canned goods, sewing materials, tools, stove oil, milk, eggs and ammunition, among other necessary items. Many of these basic items are still stocked and purchased regularly from the Supply House by both 6666 Ranch employees and visitors traveling through the area. In addition to staples, the 6666 Supply House now offers 6666 Ranch and other Old West collector items and we’ve placed some of the most popular items in our online store.

If you get near Guthrie, Texas in your travels, the 6666 Supply House is one stop you will definitely want to make!

Open to the Public:

Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 12:00 noon & 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am – 12:00 noon

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Phone: 806-596-4459
Manager: Brenda Jones
E-mail: 46supply@caprock-spur.com