Brands with a Background

Brands play an important role in the identification and proper management of both horses and cattle, especially when working with large numbers of animals.

6666 brand at ranch gate.

Ever since Captain Samuel “Burk” Burnett in 1868 purchased that first 100 head of cattle wearing the “6666” brand from Frank Crowley of Denton, Texas, brands have played an important role at The Four Sixes. Captain Burnett also purchased the rights to that now-famous brand, realizing that its “open 6” design would be easy to fashion into irons, while the brands themselves would be difficult to alter by unscrupulous cattle thieves.

The 6666 brand is used on ranch cattle and applied at the same time that vaccinations are given and other procedures are performed on the individual – everything is usually done in less than 30 seconds.

Today, Four Sixes horses are branded as follows:

  • LEFT JAW: Brand here designates old Triangle Ranch lineage or other mare family lineage on 6666 Ranch horses.
  • LEFT SHOULDER: The “L” brand, recognizing ancestor M. F. Loyd, is placed on 6666 Ranch horses. On Triangle Ranch mares, a brand here designated a particular mare family.

  • LEFT BUTTOCK: Designates the year the horse was foaled.
  • RIGHT BUTTOCK – Designates the horse's sire.