A Family Legacy of Cattle, Horses and Oil

Famous L Barn at the 6666 Ranch.

The Four Sixes Ranch is part of the famous Burnett Ranches LLC, which is among the most storied family-run businesses in Texas history. Founded by Captain Samuel “Burk” Burnett in 1868 - when he purchased 100 head of cattle wearing the “6666” brand from Frank Crowley of Denton, Texas – Burnett Ranches today encompasses 275,000 acres near Panhandle and Guthrie. Superbly bred cattle and champion horses grace its pastures, and oil flows from its depths.

As the 21st Century dawns, the ranches are owned and operated by Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion (sometimes known as “Little Anne”), the great-granddaughter of Captain Burnett. Family members and their ranching endeavors weave a tale laced with hard work, determination, imagination, rugged fair play and dedication to a uniquely Western way of life. The story of one cannot be told without the other.

(For more information on the history of the Four Sixes and the Burnett family, as well as photographs of the ranch, please refer to the beautiful book “6666: Portrait of a Texas Ranch,” by photographer Wyman Meinzer and author Henry Chappell, available for sale through the Four Sixes Supply House.)