Media Information

Basic 6666 Ranch facts and background information on this historic Texas ranch are available to the media through this website (see The 6666 Story) or by contacting the ranch office. Any and all interview requests or request for quotes must go through Dr. Glenn Blodgett, manager of the Horse Division, at (855) 674-6773. 


Founded: Cattle division 1868; first 100 head purchased from Frank Crowley, Denton, Texas


Officially Established: 1870


6666 Brand: Crowley cattle carried the 6666 brand when purchased in 1868. The brand was purchased then also.


Land: Property in King County, just outside Guthrie, Texas, was purchased about 1900 as the old 8 Ranch from the Louisville Land & Cattle Co.


Dixon Creek Ranch: Purchased around 1900 near Panhandle, Texas, from the Cunard Line.


Total Acres Today: 275,000


Founder: Captain Samuel “Burk” Burnett (1849-1922)


Current owner: Mrs. Anne W. Marion, great-granddaughter of Captain Burnett


Ranch Manager: Joe Leathers


Horse Division Manager: Glenn Blodgett, DVM


Livestock: American Quarter Horses and Black Angus cattle