Cattle Performance

Cattle industry leaders offer testimonials to the high quality of Four Sixes' Black Angus stock and program.

“We were proud to be a part of ‘history in the making’ when the first 6666-bred females ever made available by public auction were presented at our sale. The Burnett Ranches' 6666 legacy is well known to anyone who knows anything about ranching or horses. However, one of the best kept secrets in the west is the 6666 cowherd. Highly productive, range-adapted and ready to add to the bottom line of any operation. The quality and attention to detail on an operation of this size and scope are awe-inspiring.

Always looking for the next improvement, Sixes manager Joe Leathers came to us to pursue a heifer program with our Express Ranches. These cattle are as tough as they come, a product of over 100 years of hard work and genetic selection. Being raised in semi-arid, hard-grass country made them highly productive when we summered them at our New Mexico ranch near Cimarron. No frills and with genetics to burn helped achieve the performance and fertility unmatched to this point!”
- Kevin Haefner, Express Ranches, Yukon, Oklahoma