Cow-calf pairs at 6666 Ranch.

The genetics on our cattle are as good as you will find anywhere. We produce animals with a moderate frame, good temperament and exceptional feedlot performance. We keep our own replacement heifers and purchase quality Black Angus bulls, culling about twice a year. We are fortunate to have great seedstock partners who supply the genetics we need.

“The 6666 Ranch has been a part of the history of the Gardiner Ranch for over a decade now. The late JJ Gibson first came to us in the late 1990s looking for good Black Angus bulls, and the Sixes is absolutely one of our best customers. They have purchased bulls based on their elite ranking, including calving ease, early growth and so on. Not only do Four Sixes cattle do well on the range, but they also perform with excellence in the feedyard, with genetics that carry them from ranch to rail, all the way to the consumer. The Four Sixes has been very diligent in purchasing the very best bulls available anywhere and using them to full advantage. It is a privilege to do business with such an great outfit.”

- Mark Gardiner, Gardiner Angus, Ashland, Kansas

Bull purchased from Stevenson's Ranch.

“For nearly 20 years, I have been privileged to work with the 6666s and their Angus bull needs. From the beginning, there has always been concern for superior quality. I am proud to work with such a progressive team, always looking to better their product. Whether it be visual appraisal or data analysis, the 6666s has always opted for the best they could find. They have constantly and conscientiously selected for the functionality traits of calving ease, maternal influence, soundness and fleshing ability while also pursuing the profitable traits of growth and carcass merit. This disciplined approach has developed one of the real reputation herds in America. Realize that this cow herd earns its keep in the semi-arid, hard grass country of West Texas. Whether in their working clothes raising a calf or competing for grid premiums, this herd is genetically designed to show a profit, truly a testament to their years of diligence. Beyond the cattle and the data, what is most important to me is the people and integrity behind the ranch. The 6666s stands behind its brand and any critter that carries it. Like it should be.”

- Darrell Stevenson, Stevenson Angus Ranch, Hobson, Montana