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Return to the Remuda Sale

Date(s) - 09/30/2022 - 10/01/2022
All Day

Four Sixes Ranch

Return to the Remuda Sale shatters previous sale records grossing nearly $3.5 million!

The annual fall sale was held on October 1 at Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas, and 165 horses were sold.

Guthrie, Texas, October 20, 2022 – The Annual Return to the Remuda sale was hosted at the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas on October 1, where the Beggs Cattle Company, Four Sixes Ranch, Tongue River Ranch, Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company, King Ranch and Wagonhound Land & Livestock, sold 165 horses to the public.

“Due to the strong horse market, we expected a larger crowd this year. We experienced the largest crowd on hand for both the demonstration and sale and had buyers from 17 different states.” Said Four Sixes Ranch Horse Division Manager and Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

Across the board the sale was strong with gross sales of nearly $3,500,000 and the highest overall average of $21,307, a 17 percent increase over 2021 with three fewer horses sold and a more than 72 percent increase over all previous Return to the Remuda sales. Overall, the two-year-old geldings saw the biggest gains with a 63 percent increase over 2021 and yearlings saw a 35 percent increase.

“Collectively as a group our goal is to develop horses that are desirable both on the ranch and in the arena. This year’s high seller was a young red roan stallion prospect sired by Bet Hesa Cat that will be starting a new career in the roping pen under two-time PRCA World Champion Header Clay Smith. In addition, several large ranches here buying our stock. The sale increases we saw this year reinforced the fact that we are all on the right track with our breeding programs,” commented Blodgett.

Congratulations to the connections of the top 5 sellers:

  •  Hip #90 BET HESA GINNIN “Duece”, 2016 red roan stallion (Bet Hesa Cat – Ginnin Stoli, by Stoli). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $100,000. (pictured right)
  • Hip #111 PRAIRIE SAGE, 2020 gray filly (Bet Hesa Cat – Natural Sage, by Playgun). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $87,000.
  • Hip #142 STREAKIN RUSTY “Clyde”, 2016 bay gelding (Mr Jess Perry – Rustys Quickid, by Royal Quick Dash). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $80,000.
  • Hip #140 CATS CANYON, 2013 sorrel mare (WR This Cats Smart – Wall Canyon, by Justa Swinging Peppy). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $75,000.
  • Hip #12 DOUBLE MOUNTAIN FORK “Banana Pudding”, 2011 gray gelding (Playboys Buck Fever – Miss May Sun, by Mr Sun O Lena). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $65,000.

Plans for the 2023 Return to the Remuda Sale are already in motion, “We appreciate all of the people that join us annually for this sale and look forward to making it better for them every year,” concluded Blodgett.

Complete sale results.

Available on the Return to the Remuda Flipbook or on the QData Catalog App

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Consignment Videos are available through the Return to the Remuda Youtube Channel!
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2022 Return to the Remuda Consignment Listing

PhotoRanchHip #Registered NameSexColorBirth YearSireDamDam SireCovering Sire
66661Wimpys Rockingeldingpalomino2014Rockin WWimpys SixWimpys Little Step
Beggs2Becaco Dungingeldingbrown2020Very Especial CatMs Becaco EchodunDoctor Echo
TRR3Name Pendingfillybay roan2022CR Tuff Be GreytTRR Miss SlingerPepcid
PF4Nasty Quixotefillybay2021Nasty CDQuixotes Cat SilverCat Silver
WH5WR Scat Catgeldingbay2013WR This Cats SmartCinderella StarlightGrays Starlight
King6Reys Playboy Pepcoltbay2021El Rey HidasShesa Playboy PepPlayboys Badge
66667Cowgirl Cityfillybrown2021Guthrie City LimitsCowgirl CourageousCaptain Courage
TRR8TRR Black Betty Bluefillyblue roan2020Quentice Mecom BlueBlack Betty BambalamWild Haired Cat
66669Sheza Gray Catfillygray2021Bet Hesa CatBlue Gunpowder MsPG Gunpowder
PF10Name Pendingfillysorrel2021Very Especial CatPF Paddys StarlightNasty CD
Beggs11Ms Becaco Stylishfillysorrel2021Quixotes LegendMs Becaco GoldenDoctor Echo
666612Double Mountain Forkgeldingpalomino2015Playboys Buck FeverMiss May SunMr Sun O Lena
TRR13TRR Miss Becaco Ironfillybuckskin2021TRR Big IronMS Becaco AshleyMr Haida Flo
666614Pease River Princessmaresorrel2015Sixes PickStylish Blue LadyPlayin StylishDoc Seas Whiskey
King15Solitas Black Pearlfillybrown2021El Rey HidasRSB SolitaRitas Sweet Badger
666616Blond Masterpiecefillysorrel2021Metallic MasterpieceBlond SorrelTriage
PF17Playboy Pep Blazegeldingsorrel2020Billies BlazeTRR Ms Pep PlayboyPepcid
666618Stylish Sunshinegeldingsorrel2008Playin StylishSunshine IngredientMr Sun O Lena
TRR19TRR Stylish Guncoltred roan2021Peptos Stylish OakTRR Sharlena GunSharlena
WH20Masterful Smokerfillysorrel2022Genuine Smokes SmartMasterful CatWR This Cats Smart
666621Commanche Arrowfillybrown2021Jesses TopazSixes ArrowSixes Pick
PF22Billies Gota Playgunfillysorrel2021Billies BlazeStarrin Miss PlaygunPlaygun
TRR23Peptos Pickmarebay2019Sixes PickPeptos FuturePeptos Stylish OakCR Tuff Be Greyt
666624WR Bluecoltgray2021WR This Cats SmartBlue Gunpowder MSPG Gunpowder
Beggs25Becaco Rightygeldingsorrel2020CD Son Of MagnoliaMs Becaco LowenbrauHickorys Lowenbrau
TRR26TRR Smokin Luckcoltgray2022Grinch With A GunTRR Lil Lucky BlueTRR Ms Lucky Gun
666627Sixes Campfirefillysorrel2021CattalouOne Time TurnOne Time Pepto
King28Marsalas Hida Jetcoltsorrel2022Marsala RedHidas PepHaidas Little Pep
PF29One Stylish Pickgeldingsorrel2019Sixes PickPF Stylish JewelMr Playinstylish
666630Name Pendingfillygray2021Hes PlayingforkeepsPickin TivioSixes Pick
TRR31TRR I Desire Peptosgeldingsorrel2016PepcidDesires CDCD Olena
666632Frenchmans Bamafillybay2021BamacatFrenchmans WhiskeyPaddys Irish Whiskey
WH33Partywaremarebay2006High Brow CatBelle Star PlaygirlFreckles PlayboyGraceful Smart Cat
PF34Rockin At Sun Upmarebay2016Playboys Buck FeverRockin SunRockin WBillies Blaze
666635Fletches Returngeldingsorrel2008Royal FletchGray Badgers ReturnHollywood Return
TRR36TRR Dottie Bluefillybay roan2022PepcidTRR Becaco BlueTRR Big Iron
666637Boons Ginningeldingsorrel2013Boon SanGinnin WomanTanquery Gin
Beggs38Ms Becaco Butterfillysorrel2021CD Son Of MagnoliaMs Becaco ButtermilkPlay Jimmy Too
666639Metallic Sixesfillyred roan2021Metallics MVPSix Flo JessieMr Jess Perry
PF40Nota Cat A Topazgeldingbuckskin2018Jesses TopazSmart Rockin LassRockin W
666641Bets Couragegeldingred roan2016Bet Hesa CatAttractive CourageCaptain Courage
TRR42TRR Little Blue Kitmareblue roan2018Medicinal Mecom BluePlayguns GinPlaygun Kit
666643Playin Too Suenfillysorrel2021Boon Too SuenPlayin With PickPlayin Attraction
Beggs44Becaco Cat Onegeldingbrown2020Very Especial CatMs Becaco GoldieCD Son Of Magnolia
666645Sixes Arrowmarebay2017Sixes PickThree Eights BedouinRoyal Quick DashDoc Seas Whiskey
TRR46TRR Daddys Got A Gunfillybay2021Grinch With A GunRBR Daddys MoneyIm Countin Checks
King47Boons Hickory Badgercoltsorrel2021The BoonReds Hickory BadgeMarsala Red
PF48Macho And Threedeegeldingsorrel2019Billies BlazeMs Becaco ThreedeeCD Son Of Magnolia
666649Truscotfillysorrel2021QuahadiSixes SmartWR This Cats Smart
WH50Tuff Time Catgeldingbay2012WR This Cats SmartDH Katy ClinePC Cline Frost
TRR51TRR Paddys Rositamaresorrel2018Paddys Irish WhiskeyLittle Rosie RositaSmart Little Lena
666652Bet Sheza Angelfillyred roan2021Bet Hesa CatDrew AngelOne Famous Eagle
PF53This Boons Attractinmaresorrel2019The BoonLil Smart AttractionPlayin AttractionGoodluck Catt
666654Boons Futuregeldingred roan2020The BoonStylish FuturePlayin Stylish
Beggs55Becaco Catzerogeldinggray2020Very Especial CatMs Becaco TanoDoctor Echo
666656Pick The Paymaresorrel2006Sixes PickRaise The PayPreferred PayFiddle And Steel
TRR57TRR Grinchs Nursefillysorrel2021Grinch With A GunTRR Peps Paddy CakePepcid
666658Penahfillysorrel2021QuahadiOU Sugar PicCJ Sugar Lena
PF59Shesa Red Skylinegeldingred roan2020Marsala RedShesa Skyline CatBet Hesa Cat
666660West Texas Plainscoltred roan2021CattalouFourankly ScarletFigure Four Chex
King61Pluma Roja Movidamarechestnut2008Cats Red FeatherSan MovidaMr San PeppyBoons CD Mink
TRR62TRR Big Pickingeldinggray2018TRR Big IronPicks ChickSixes Pick
666663Dashing Figuregeldingsorrel2009Playin AttractionYellow FigureFigure Four Chex
Beggs64Becaco Lady Sonfillygray2021CD Son Of MagnoliaMs Becaco SterlingVery Especial Cat
PF65Name Pendingcoltgray2021Cowboy War CryMs Fork Fifty SevenMr Gray Forks
666666Guthrie Flowerfillyred roan2021Guthrie City LimitsSixes Prairie FlowerWR This Cats Smart
TRR67TRR Mr Haida Bluegeldingbay roan2021Quentice Mecom BlueTRR Becaco BlueTRR Big Iron
WH68Markin The Partygirlfillysorrel2022Time MarkerGenuine PartygirlGenuine Masterpiece
666669Cellars Boongeldingred roan2013Boon SanCellars HoleMr Jess Perry
Beggs70Becaco Willgeldingred roan2020CD Son Of MagnoliaBecaco Diamond GirlDoctor Echo
TRR71TRR Smokin Ashleymarepalomino2019Grinch With A GunMs Becaco AshleyMr Haida FloCR Tuff Be Greyt
666672This Historymaresorrel2016WR This Cats SmartSixes HistoryPlaygunDoc Seas Whiskey
King73Marsalas Cardinalcoltsorrel2021Marsala RedRitas PlayredRitas Sweet Badger
666674Smart Couragegeldingsorrel2020WR This Cats SmartAttractive CourageCaptain Courage
TRR76TRR Pretty Greytfillygray2020CR Tuff Be GreytSR Pretty PlayboyPlayboy Lena Bar
666677Sixes Rapidfillysorrel2021Jesses TopazHigh Brow SixHigh Brow Cat
WH78Shining Mad Catgeldingsorrel2014WR This Cats SmartShining MadonnaShining Spark
666679Sixes Warriorcoltblue roan2021QuahadiHaythorn 812Snickelfritz Mickey
Beggs80Becaco Magnogeldingsorrel2020CD Son Of MagnoliaBecaco Flos LadyMr Haida Flo
TRR81TRR Leader In Vegascoltgray2021Epic LeaderEyesa In VegasEyesa Special
666682Rockin To Playgeldingsorrel2014Rockin WYour Turn To PlayPlayin Stylish
PF83Boon Sans Desiremaresorrel2014Boon SanDesire Some ShineShining SparkSJR Diamond King
666684Oat Bucketcoltsorrel2021Guthrie City LimitsSixes OatsStoli
King85Seca Badgermarebay2005Ritas Sweet BadgerMentira SecaDry DocBoons CD Mink
TRR86TRR Sweet Miss Reyfillygray2021Grinch With A GunTRR Sweet IronTRR Big Iron
666687Pease River Suenfillysorrel2021Boon Too SuenPease River PrincessSixes Pick
PF88PF Peppy Hickory Catgeldingsorrel2016Peppier GrayShesa Hickory KittyCat Silver
Beggs89Becaco Wranglergeldingbay2018CD Son Of MagnoliaMs Becaco JayechooneDoctor Echo
666690Bet Hesa Ginninstallionred roan2016Bet Hesa CatGinnin StoliStoli
TRR91TRR Tuff It Outgeldingsorrel2020CR Tuff Be GreytTRR Sweet Shoot OutTRR Big Iron
PF92Paydays Olena Ladgeldingsorrel2012Nasty CDMs Pay TwentyPay Forty Four
666693Sisters Sweetheartfillygray2021BamacatGinnin AttractionTanquery Gin
WH94Genuinely Shineyfillypalomino2021Genuine Smokes SmartShining Smart CatWR This Cats Smart
Beggs95Becaco Playdflogeldingbay2008Play Jimmy TooMs Becaco ThreefloMr Haida Flo
666696Metallic Canyongeldingsorrel2020Metallic MasterpieceWall CanyonJusta Swinging Peppy
TRR97TRR Smokin Tari Pepcoltgray2022Grinch With A GunTRR Peps Sweet PeaTRR Sweet Pea
666698Scarlett Tosawageldinggray2018Wagon StakeFourankly ScarletFigure Four Chex
PF99Macho Playin Docfillysorrel2021Billies BlazeCruel Playin DocPlayin Attraction
6666100Bama Ladyfillysorrel2021BamacatBrushy LadyPlaygun
King101Brown The Badgergeldingbay2015WaresthecatNurse BadgerRitas Sweet Badger
TRR102TRR Peptos A Grinchfillysorrel2020Grinch With A GunTRR Pepto WenaPepcid
6666103The Big Circlefillyblue roan2021QuahadiHaythorn 812Snickelfritz Mickey
PF104Metallic Quejanafillysorrel2021QuejanaisalenaKnew She Was MetallicMetallic CAt
Beggs105Becaco PJcoltsorrel2020CD Son Of MagnoliaMs Becaco GoldenDoctor Echo
6666106Plainscoltbay2021PlaygunAnvil ParkSixes Pick
TRR107TRR Natural Ironcoltgray2022TRR Big IronTRR Lil Natural MissPepcid
6666108Little River Gapfillysorrel2021BamacatGapTanquery Gin
PF109Nasty Highbrowfillysorrel2021Nasty CDPF Playin HighbrowCat And Cash
WH110Teninas Smart Docgeldingsorrel2013Genuine MasterpieceTeninas Smart LookWR This Cats Smart
6666111Prairie Sagefillygray2020Bet Hesa CatNatural SagePlaygun
Beggs112Becaco Caponegeldingsorrel2020CD Son Of MagnoliaMs Becaco WareeverWaresthecat
TRR113Name Pendingfillygray2022CR Tuff Be GreytTRR Stylish MissTRR Big Iron
6666114Heavenly Attractiongeldingsorrel2005Seven From HeavenGinnin AttractionTanquery Gin
PF115Gray Forks Paydaygeldinggray2012Pay Forty FourMs Fork Fifty SevenMr Gray Fork
6666116Bet Sheza Couragefillyred roan2021Bet Hesa CatAttractive CourageCaptain Courage
TRR117TRR Lenas Got Pepmaresorrel2014PepcidSharlenaSmart Little LenaCats Hillbilly Buck
6666118Sixes Gemgeldingbay2004Sixes PickSeven S Little GemMiss N Command
King119El Rey Hidasstallionbrown2014Taquito SugarHidas PepHaidas Little Pep
6666120Name Pendingfillyred roan2021QuahadiThree Eights BedouinRoyal Quick Dash
Beggs121Becaco Haidas Lastgeldingbay roan2020Mr Haida FloMs Becaco FourooDoctor Echo
TRR122TRR Stylish Medicinegeldinggray2020Medicinal Mecom BlueTRR Stylish MissTRR Big Iron
6666123Cowboy Empirecoltred roan2020Metallic CatMs North PlatteGuthrie City Limits
PF124PF Guns Starlightgeldingsorrel2015Tejons New StarCats Dashin DiamondSpecial Gun
WH125Rockin Miss Markerfillysorrel2022Time MarkerRockin OpusRockin W
6666126Roseannas Sangeldingsorrel2012Boon SanRoseannas PlaygirlFreckles Playboy
TRR127Name Pendingfillysorrel2021Quentice Mecom BlueTRR Lil Pepcid DollPepcid
PF128PF Paddys Starlightmaresorrel2017Nasty CDPaddys Irish RosePaddys Irish WhiskeySJR Diamond King
6666129Jesses Canyonfillybay2021Jesses TopazGenuine CanyonGenuine Masterpiece
Beggs130Name Pendingfillygray2021Very Especial CatBecaco Bigred SisMr Haida Flo
TRR131TRR Little Tuff Lenafillygray2020CR Tuff Be GreytLittle Rosie RositaSmart Little Lena
6666132Boons Crowngeldingsorrel2014Boon SanRosen CrownPaddys Irish Whiskey
PF133Name Pendingfillybay2021Goodluck CattMs Becaco ThreedeeCD Son Of Magnolia
King134Moons Azucar Besosfillybrown2021Kinenos MoonSugar SolitaTaquito Sugar
6666135Chasin Sunshinemaresorrel2021Metallic MasterpieceSunshines StylishPlayin Stylish
Beggs136Becaco Verys Ongeldingsorrel2020Very Especial CatMs Becaco PepsonCD Son Of Magnolia
6666137Sixes Body 16geldingbuckskin2016Sixes pickMiss Busy BodyTuf N Busy
TRR138TRR Smokin Medicinalfillysorrel2022Grinch With A GunTRR Ms Mecoms GirlMedicinal Mecom Blue
PF139PF Smart N Stylishgeldingsorrel2013Stylish ReySmart MasterpieceSmart Little Lena
6666140Cats Canyonmaresorrel2013WR This Cats SmartWall CanyonJusta Swinging PeppyPlaygun
King141San Boons Minkcoltred roan2022Boons CD MinkSan Gris GirlLes Glos Colonel
6666142Streakin Rustygeldingbay2016Mr Jess PerryRustys QuickidRoyal Quick Dash
TRR143Nat San Dotmarebay2019Badger Dot ComNat SanNatural ShotCats Hillbilly Buck
Beggs144Becaco Special Sevengeldingpalomino2020Very Especial catMs Becaco SevenmagCD Son Of Magnolia
6666145Jesses Ridefillybay2021Jesses TopazOne More RideWR This Cats Smart
PF146Name Pendingcoltbrown2021Nasty CDPeptos FuturePeptos Stylish Oak
6666147Wall Canyon Msfillysorrel2021Metallic MasterpieceWall CanyonJusta Swinging Peppy
TRR148TRRGreytwithagunfillygray2020CR Tuff Be GreytTRR Sharlena GunPlaygun
WH149Smart Marie Reygeldingsorrel2014Dual ReySmart MarieSmart Little Lena
6666150Sixes Red Ladgeldingsorrel2017Sixes PickRed RidinghoodTriage
PF151PF Olena Badgergeldinggray2013Nasty CDMs Sir Fifty NineSirs Sir
TRR152TRR Sportin A Gunfillysorrel2021Grinch With A GunSportin WinkSportin High Brow
6666153Quanahs Ladyfillysorrel2021QuahadiMiss Busy LadyGuthrie City Limits
King154Reds Hickory Badgemarebrown2011Marsala RedHickory De BadgerHickoryoteKinenos Moon
Beggs155Becaco Cat Toogeldingsorrel2020Very Especial CatMs Becaco PaddytooPlay Jimmy Too
6666156Name Pendingfillyblue roan2021QuahadiSan Kai 612Peppy San Kai
TRR157TRR Irish Rey Rivercoltsorrel2022Grinch With A GunTRR Ms Whiskey RiverTongue River Sanita
PF158Sassy Playdoxfillysorrel2021PlaydoxShesa Cruel CatSophisticated Catt
6666159Gunpowder Wagongeldinggray2019Wagon StakeBlue Gunpowder MsPG Gunpowder
TRR160TRR Freckles Tarifillybay2021TRR Freckles HolidocTRR Tari Sweet StylePeptos Stylish Oak
PF162Macho Smart Tymefillyred roan2021Billies BlazeOlenas Smart TymeNows The Tyme
King163Caperals Movidafillybay2021Boons CaperalPluma Roja MovidaCats Reds Feather
6666164Shoshone Msfillyred roan2021QuahadiWrhapsodyGood Bar Wrapper
WH165Name Pendingcoltsorrel2022Olenas Nu ShineApproach This ModelWR This Cats Smart
Beggs166Becaco Wild Raggeldinggray2020Very Especial CatMs Becaco WildCD Son Of Magnolia
6666167Six Chick Fletchgeldingsorrel2005Royal FletchLacy SixSix Chick
TRR168TRR Paisanos Reyfillysorrel2022Grinch With A GunTRR Paisanos PriseNatural Enterprise
PF169This Cds A Twisterfillysorrel2021Nasty CDBet Shesa TwisterBet Hesa Cat
6666170Quanahs Kingdomfillysorrel2021QuahadiMs MackenzieMr Jess Perry
TRR171TRR Shot O Badgercoltsorrel2022Badger Dot ComNat SanSan Badgers Beauty
6666172Paddys Historyfillybrown2021BamacatPaddys AttractionPlayin Attraction
Beggs173Becaco Charlie Girlfillysorrel2021Quixotes LegendMs Becaco LowenbrauHickorys Lowenbrau
PF174Desiresparksnplaydoxfillysorrel2021PlaydoxSparks DesireCD Lights
6666175Too Suen Msfillysorrel2021Boon Too SuenThis HistoryWR This Cats Smart
King176Moons Poquito Taqofillybay2021El Rey HidasMoons TaquitoKinenos Moon
TRR177TRR Pep Got A Gunfillysorrel2021Grinch With A GunTRR Lenas Got PepPepcid
WH178Eticket Smartgeldingsorrel2014WR This Cats SmartEticket TimePeptotime
6666179Sixes Scarletfillyred roan2021QuahadiFourankly ScarletFigure Four Chex

6666 Ranch