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Track Semen Shipment

Dena Milner.

Semen Shipment Tracking Information

FedEx or UPS Shipments

(800) 238-5355 (Federal Express)

  • You will be provided with a Tracking Number to trace your shipment.
  • Four SixesTM Ranch does NOT have pick-up service on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Call your local Federal Express Office to find out if you receive Saturday delivery.
  • If you pick up at your Federal Express Office – You will be responsible to provide Four Sixes Ranch with that ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.

Airline Shipments

  • You will be responsible to call your airport and find out where to pick up your equitainer.
  • Find out what time the airport locations closes.
  • Please DO NOT presume that our airline schedules will be the same as other breeding farms.
  • MNX Global Logistics will be handling all of our Airline shipments.
  • We cannot trace your shipment.
  • To track your airline shipment:
    Call MNX (800) 938-1809 or click here.
  • Inform Four Sixes Ranch within 24 hours if you do NOT receive your shipment same day or if you have any problems with the cooled semen or equitainer.

Shipped Semen Calendar

The days highlighted in red are collection/shipping days.

– Collection Days

6666 Ranch