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Track Semen Shipment


(800) 238-5355 (Federal Express)

  • You will be provided with a Tracking Number to trace your shipment.
  • 6666 Ranch does NOT have pick-up service on SATURDAY or SUNDAY.
  • Call you local Federal Express Office to find out if you receive SATURDAY DELIVERY.
  • If you pick up at your Federal Express Office - You will be responsible to provide 6666 Ranch with that ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.


  • You will be responsible to call your airport and find out where to pick up your equitainer.
  • Find out what time the airport locations closes.
  • Please DO NOT presume that our airline schedules will be the same as other breeding farms.
  • Quick International will be handling all of our Airline shipments.
  • Inform 6666 Ranch within 24 hours if you do NOT receive your shipment same day or if you have any problems with the cooled semen or equitainer.