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Return to the Remuda Sale

Date(s) - 10/01/2021 - 10/02/2021
All Day

Four Sixes Ranch

2021 Return to the Remuda Sale Sets New All-Time Record, breaking the $3 Million Dollar mark

Guthrie, Texas, October 10, 2021 – The Annual Return to the Remuda sale was hosted at the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas on October 2, where 168 horses were sold to the public and saw the highest gross in the history of the sale.

The sale experienced the largest crowd ever on hand to preview and purchase from the legendary ranches of Beggs Cattle Company, Four Sixes Ranch, Tongue River Ranch, Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company, King Ranch, and Wagonhound Land & Livestock.

“I thought last year’s sale would be hard to beat, but this sale surpassed all of our expectations! Our buyers came from all over the country, California to Florida and 21 states in-between,” said Horse Division Manager and Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

The sale gross exceeded $3,000,000 with an overall average of more than $18,000, a 32% increase over 2020. “The two-year-old geldings and yearlings stayed consistent with last year’s sale, and we saw a considerable increase with aged geldings, weanlings, and older filles. The biggest gains were with the broodmares and stallion prospects, having above average offerings in those categories,” commented Blodgett.

Congratulations to the connections of the top 10 sellers:

  • Sixes Smart CatHip #90 SIXES SMART CAT “Jackie Chan” 2013 sorrel gelding (WR This Cats Smart – Sixes in Vegas, by Sixes Pick). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $250,000. (pictured right)
  • Hip #120 KINENAS BANDIDA 2010 brown mare (Kinenos Moon – Badges Bandida, by Playboys Badge). Consigned by King Ranch – $100,000.
  • Hip #81 BULE BONNET BLUE 2019 gray filly (Sixes Pick – Blue Gunpowder Ms, by PG Gunpower). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $75,000.
  • Hip #103 HESA SELECTION “Flocki” 2019 gray filly (Bet Hesa Cat – Cowgirl Selection, by Paddys Irish Whiskey). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $50,500
  • Hip #102 KINENOS RAINY MOON “Hombre” 2017 brown colt (Kinenos Moon – Rainy Koko Shadow, by Peppys Shadow). Consigned by King Ranch – $50,000
  • Hip #144 W PASTURE “Old Spice” 2014 sorrel gelding (Rockin W – Pickin Tivio, by Sixes Pick). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $48,500
  • Hip #94 BECACO SON TWOONE 2014 sorrel gelding (CD Son of Magnolia – Ms Becaco Exhodun, by Doctor Echo). Consigned by Beggs Cattle Company – $42,000
  • Hip #85 SLICK BROW CAT “Chisum” 2013 gray gelding (Cash And Cat – Slicks Lil Angie, by Smart N Slick). Consigned by Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company – $40,000
  • Hip #98 MS BECACO PISTOL 2018 sorrel filly (CD Son Of Magnolia – Ms Becaco Gun, by Playgun Olena). Consigned by Beggs Cattle Company – $40,000
  • Hip #77 TRR PASEOS BLUE GIN “Gator” 2013 sorrel gelding (Medicinal Mecom Blue – TRR Ms Paseos Gin, by Paseos Paisano). Consigned by Tongue River Ranch – $35,000
  • Hip #7 SIXES COOK 2019 bay filly (Guthrie City Limits – Paddy Ginnin Lady, by Paddys Irish Whiskey). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $35,000
  • #46 SEE HIM SMILE 2020 blue roan colt (Bet Hesa Cat – Haythorn 812, by Snickelfritz Mickey). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $35,000
  • Complete results

All the ranches appreciate everyone who participated in the Return to the Remuda Sale and look forward to seeing everyone again in the Fall of 2022. “The success of the sale acknowledges our efforts in producing horses that are sought after for ranch use and in the arena. There is nothing more satisfying than to see sale graduates thrive under new ownership, we wish all the buyers’ success with their new purchases,” concluded Blodgett.

HIGH SELLER #90 Sixes Smart Cat, sold for $250,000!

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Please view the map below for accommodations within 120 miles of Guthrie, TX. For options broader than the distance displayed select “View larger map”.

PhotoConsignor Last NameHipHorse NameFoaling YearSexColorSireDamDams SireCovering SireCovSireBreedLast Breeding Date
Four Sixes Ranch1Jackie Topaz2020FillyBay RoanJesses TopazMiss Jackie Bee GinTanquery Gin
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company2Unnamed/Rockin Dual Pep2020FillyGrayCat And CashRockin Dual PepRockin W
Beggs Cattle Company3MS Becaco Veryirish2020FillySorrelVery Especial CatMs Becaco PadPaddys Irish Whiskey
Tongue River Ranch4TRR Mecoms Lil Doll2019FillyBay RoanMedicinal Mecom BlueTRR Ms Whiskey SandsPaddys Irish Whiskey
King Ranch5Smokin Red Marsala2021ColtSorrelMarsala RedHumos DulcePeppys Humo
Wagonhound Land & Livestock6Hesa Hickory Cat2010GeldingPalominoWR This Cats SmartShiney Miss HickoryShining Spark
Four Sixes Ranch7Sixes Cook2019FillyBayGuthrie City LimitsPaddys Ginnin LadyPaddys Irish Whiskey
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company8Unnamed/Peptos Future2020FillyGrayBillies BlazePeptos FuturePeptos Stylish Oak
Tongue River Ranch9TRR Stylish Iron2020FillyBayTRR Big IronTRR Stylish IrishPaddys Irish Whiskey
Four Sixes Ranch10Bottom Flo2017GeldingSorrelNatural BottomSix Flo JessieMr Jess Perry
Beggs Cattle Company11Ms Becaco Zero Cat2020FillyGrayVery Especial CatMs Becaco SontanCD Son of Magnolia
Four Sixes Ranch12This Cats Fever2016GeldingGrayWR This Cats SmartSixes FeverPlaygun
Wagonhound Land & Livestock13Lil Star Cat2009GeldingSorrelWR This Cats SmartNQH AnastarGrays Starlight
Four Sixes Ranch14Bet Sheza Gap2020FillyRed RoanBet Hesa CatGapTanquery Gin
King Ranch15Shesa Kinena2020FillyBayKinenos MoonShesa Playboy PepPlayboys Badge
Tongue River Ranch16Unnamed/TRR Peps Flashy Gal2021ColtSorrelGrinch With A GunTRR Peps Flashy GalPepcid
Four Sixes Ranch17Fall Roundup2020FillyGrayBamacatBlue Gunpowder MsPG Gunpowder
Beggs Cattle Company18Becaco Leggins2019GeldingSorrelQuixote’s LegendMs Becaco HaidafloMr Haida Flo
Four Sixes Ranch19Stylish Blue Lady2008MareGrayPlayin StylishMiss Blue QuailRoyal NeroMetallic Rey MinkAQHA4/15/2021
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company20Rockin Cat Silver2018MareGrayCat SilverRockin Dual PepRockin WNatural BottomAQHA4/17/2021
King Ranch21Kinenos Bandolero2021ColtBayKinenos MoonBadges BandidaPlayboys Badge
Four Sixes Ranch22Rockin Fever Lad2014GeldingSorrelRockin WFevers PickPlayboys Buck Fever
Wagonhound Land & Livestock23This Cat Shines2009GeldingSorrelWR This Cats SmartMiss Shiner DearShining Spark
Tongue River Ranch24Dodging Meacom2012MareBay RoanQuentice Mecom BluePatty San DodgerZero Badger BoyTRR Big IronAQHA6/8/2021
Tongue River Ranch25Unnamed/Dodging Meacom2021ColtBay RoanTRR Big IronDodging MeacomQuentice Mecom Blue
Beggs Cattle Company27Becaco Very Girl2020FillySorrelVery Especial CatBecaco CD GirlCD Son of Magnolia
Four Sixes Ranch28Bet Sheza Lady2020FillyRed RoanBet Hesa CatLittle River LadyPlaygun
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company29Peptos Future N Cash2018MareBayCat And CashPeptos FuturePeptos Stylish OakBillies BlazeAQHA3/26/2021
Four Sixes Ranch30Sixes Ridinghood2018GeldingSorrelSixes PickRed RidinghoodTriage
Tongue River Ranch31TRR Desires Lil Chic2019FillyGrayTRR Big IronDesires CDCD Olena
Four Sixes Ranch32Cow Palace2018FillyChestnutBet Hesa CatLizzie SevenSeven From HeavenNatural BottomAQHA4/15/2021
Beggs Cattle Company33Ms Becaco Wrangler2020FillyBayCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco JayechooneDoctor Echo
Four Sixes Ranch34Wagon Cook2020FillyGrayWagon StakeFourankly ScarletFigure Four Chex
Tongue River Ranch35TRR Smart Lil Grinch2020FillySorrelGrinch With A GunTRR Smart Lil PepciPepcid
Wagonhound Land & Livestock36Tassas Sugar Cat2009MareSorrelWR This Cats SmartTassa MiaPeppy San BadgerGenuine Smokes SmartAQHA5/19/2021
Four Sixes Ranch37Cowboy Maker2006GeldingSorrelSeven From HeavenCowgirl MovementTanquery Gin
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company38Unnamed/Smart Rockin Lass2019GeldingSorrelCat And CashSmart Rockin LassRocking W
Four Sixes Ranch39Ms Natural Sun2020FillyBrownNatural BottomMiss May SunMr Sun O Lena
Beggs Cattle Company40Becaco Sons One2019GeldingSorrelCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco JayechooneDoctor Echo
King Ranch41Badger Rioja2021FillyBayMarsala RedSeca BadgerRitas Sweet Badger
Tongue River Ranch42TRR Smokin Bancita2018FillySorrelGrinch With A GunTRR Peps Paddy CakePepcid
Four Sixes Ranch43North camp2015GeldingSorrelBoon SanCowboy AttractionMr Jess Perry
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company44Dashin Sophisticat2017GeldingSorrelCat and CashCats Dashin DiamondSpecial Gun
Tongue River Ranch45TRR Cowgirls Secret2017FillyPalominoCats HillbillyTurning CowgirlMel's Impression
Four Sixes Ranch46See Him Smile2020ColtBlue RoanBet Hesa CatHaythorn 812Snicklefritz Mickey
Beggs Cattle Company47Ms Becaco Bubba2020FillyPalominoCD Son of MagnoliaBecaco Lady FloMr Haida Flo
Four Sixes Ranch48Bama Girl2020FillySorrelBamacatThe CowgirlTanquery Gin
Tongue River Ranch49TRR Sweet Pea2010MareGrayTRR Gun SlingerTRR Tari Sweet StylePeptos Stylish OakGrinch With A GunAQHA6/9/2021
Wagonhound Land & Livestock50Pretty Remedy2007GeldingSorrelDaniel B BoomChics Pretty TarisSmart Chic Olena
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company51Unnamed/Quixotes Cat Silver2020FillySorrelMarsala RedQuixotes Cat SilverCat Silver
Four Sixes Ranch52Ginnin Bet2018GeldingSorrelBet Hesa CatGinnin HancockTanquery Gin
Beggs Cattle Company53Becaco Gins Son2019GeldingSorrelCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco GinsomePreferred Gin
Tongue River Ranch54Unnamed/TRR Paisanos Prise2021ColtGrayTRR Big IronTRR Paisanos PriseNatural Enterprise
Four Sixes Ranch55Cowgirl Selection2005MareSorrelPaddys Irish WhiskeyGin SelectionTanquery GinBamacatAQHA4/25/2021
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company56Cruel Playin Doc2016MareSorrelPlayin AttractionCruel JewelLenas Jewel BarsGoodluck CattAQHA5/3/2021
Beggs Cattle Company57Becaco Steven Son2019GeldingChestnutCD Son of MagnoliaBecaco Lady FloMr Haida Flo
King Ranch58Kinenos Quintanilla2020ColtSorrelKinenos MoonBadgers Real ThingRitas Sweet Badger
Four Sixes Ranch59Guthrie Powder2016GeldingGrayGuthrie City LimitsBlue Gunpowder MsPG Gunpower
Tongue River Ranch60TRR Gun Doctor2018GeldingSorrelGrinch With A GunTRR MS Julie APepcid
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company61Unnamed/Bet Shesa Twister2019GeldingSorrelNasty CDBet Shesa TwisterBet Hesa Cat
Four Sixes Ranch62Picks Cat2020FillySorrelBamacatPlayin With PickPlayin Attraction
Wagonhound Land & Livestock63Wyoming Cat2012GeldingGrayWR This Cats SmartWyoming PlaygirlPlaygun
Beggs Cattle Company64Becaco Pepcid2019GeldingBayCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco PepcidPepcid
Four Sixes Ranch65Tuf Sunshine2016GeldingPalominoTuf FourSunshines StylishPlayin Stylish
Tongue River Ranch66TRR Sundays Prize2019FillyGrayTRR Big IronTRR Peps Sweet PeaPepcid
King Ranch67Boons Coronel2020ColtSorrelThe BoonSan Gris GirlLes Glos Colonel
Four Sixes Ranch68Natural Morning2020FillyGrayNatural BottomHigh Brow SixHigh Brow Cat
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company69Keepin Dual Pep2012GeldingSorrelIm Countin ChecksPlayin Fer KeepsFreckles Playboy
Beggs Cattle Company70Becaco Brawler2018GeldingGrayVery Especial CatMs Becaco RedmanMr Haida Flo
Four Sixes Ranch71Sixes Captain2014GeldingBuckskinCaptain CourageSixes VegasPaddys Irish Whiskey
Tongue River Ranch72Unnamed/Smooth Promise2021FillySorrelTRR Freckles HolidocSmooth PromiseAthena Puddy Cat
Wagonhound Land & Livestock73That Cats Blissful2008GeldingSorrelWR This Cats SmartBlissfulSmart Lil Ricochet
Four Sixes Ranch74King County Powder2020ColtGraySixes PickBlue Gunpowder MsPG Gunpowder
Beggs Cattle Company75Becaco Bucko2016GeldingBrownCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco BucksumSome Six
Four Sixes Ranch76Bigtime Battle2018GeldingBayBigtime FavoriteRoyalty ReturnRoyal Fletch
Tongue River Ranch77TRR Paseos Blue Gin2013GeldingSorrelMedicinal Mecom BlueTRR Ms Paseos GinPaseos Paisano
Four Sixes Ranch78Unnamed/Fanchon De Armonde2020FillySorrelSixes PickFanchon De ArmondeGood Bar Wrapper
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company79Peptos Future2010MareGrayPeptos Stylish OakCircle Bar Gray GalMr Gray ForkGoodluck CattAQHA4/29/2021
King Ranch80RSB Solita2005MareBayRitas Sweet BadgerBadgers SolitaPeppy San BadgerMarsala RedAQHA5/6/2021
Four Sixes Ranch81Blue Bonnet Blue2019FillyGraySixes PickBlue Gunpowder MsPG Gunpowder
Tongue River Ranch82TRR Justa Lil Pep2016FillySorrelPepcidTRR Justa PaddyPaddys Irish Whiskey
Beggs Cattle Company83Ms Becaco Catline2017MareBuckskinVery Especial CatMs Becaco EcholineDoctor Echo
Four Sixes Ranch84Playboys Crown2008MareBuckskinPlayboys Buck FeverRosen CrownPaddys Irish WhiskeyBamacatAQHA4/19/2021
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company85Slick Brow Cat2013GeldingGrayCat And CashSlicks Lil AngieSmart N Slick
Wagonhound Land & Livestock86Graceful Smoker2020MareSorrelGenuine Smokes SmartGracielightsCD Lights
Four Sixes Ranch87Unnamed/Pease River Princess2020FillySorrelBamacatPease River PrincessSixes Pick
Beggs Cattle Company88Becaco Bigreds Bro2019StallionRed RoanCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco EchosevenDoctor Echo
King Ranch89Fannin Red2015GeldingSorrelMarsala RedMy Sweet LariatRitas Sweet Badger
Four Sixes Ranch90Sixes Smart Cat2013GeldingSorrelWR This Cats SmartSixes In VegasSixes Pick
Tongue River Ranch91TRR Freckles Fancy2019FillyBayPepcidSR Pretty PlayboyPlayboy Lena Bar
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company92Unnamed/MS Becaco Sunny CD2020FillySorrelBillies BlazeMS Becaco Sunny CDCD Son of Magnolia
Four Sixes Ranch93Mr Big Guns2003GeldingGrayMr Sun O LenaLittle PlaygunPlaygun
Beggs Cattle Company94Becaco Son Twoone2014GeldingSorrelCD son of MagnoliaMs Becaco EchodunDoctor Echo
Wagonhound Land & Livestock95WR Starlight2008GeldingSorrelWR This Cats SmartHR Smiling LightGrays Starlight
Four Sixes Ranch96Lonesome Seven2008GeldingGraySeven From HeavenRemember HannaPreferred Pay
Tongue River Ranch97TRR Medicine Kit2020ColtBay RoanMedicimal Mecom BlueTRR Lucky KitCats Hillbilly
Beggs Cattle Company98Ms Becaco Pistol2018MareSorrelCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco GunPlaygun Olena
Four Sixes Ranch99Sixguns Lady2020FillyGrayBamacatSixguns SisterSixes Pick
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company100PF Quixote Starlight2014GeldingSorrelTejons New StarTRR Miss Quixote 059Quixote Dash
Tongue River Ranch101TRR Smart Lil Jaycee2010MareSorrelTRR Gun SlingerSharlenaSmart Little LenaGrince With A GunAQHA6/9/2021
King Ranch102Kinenos Rainy Moon2017StallionBrownKinenos MoonRainy Koko ShadowPeppys Shadow
Four Sixes Ranch103Hesa Selection2017StallionRed RoanBet Hesa CatCowgirl SelectionPaddys Irish Whiskey
Beggs Cattle Company104Becaco Waresthebet2017GeldingRed RoanBet Hesa CatMs Becaco JimflowPlay Jimmy Too
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company105Unnamed/Smart Rockin Lass2020FillySorrelBillies BlazeSmart Rockin LassRockin W
Four Sixes Ranch106Cowgirls Thunder2020FillySorrelBet Hesa CatThe CowgirlTanquery Gin
Tongue River Ranch107TRR Stylish Irish2015MareBayPaddys Irish WhiskeyTRR Stylish MissTRR Big IronCR Tuff Be GreytAQHA6/9/2021
Wagonhound Land & Livestock108Aroyalticket2009GeldingSorrelRoyal Silver KingEtickets CatHigh Brow Cat
Beggs Cattle Company109Becaco Magnectic2019GeldingSorrelVery Especial CatMs Becaco MagliteCD Son of Magnolia
Four Sixes Ranch110Cowboys Bridle2018GeldingSorrelGuthrie City LimitsBridlesPaddys Irish Whiskey
Tongue River Ranch111TRR Im Smokin Boon2020FillyRed RoanPepcidSmokin Baileys JewelSmokin Reward
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company112Cash N On Pepto2017GeldingGrayCat And CashPepto FuturePeptos Stylish Oak
Four Sixes Ranch113Chasin The Cat2020FillyRed RoanBet Hesa CatBlond SorrelTriage
Wagonhound Land & Livestock114Ragtimes Hayday2011GeldingSorrelPC Frenchmans HaydayThis Ragtime CatWR This Cats Smart
Four Sixes Ranch115Swinging Lad2007GeldingSorrelRoyal FletchSwinging SalJusta Swinging Peppy
Tongue River Ranch116TRR Ms Whiskey Gold2015MareSorrelSeven S Shining GoldTRR Whiskey BadgerPaddys Irish Whiskey
Beggs Cattle Company117Becaco Snowball2019GeldingRed RoanVery Especial CatMs Becaco ThreesocksPlayin Attraction
Four Sixes Ranch118Your Turn To Play2003MareSorrelPlayin StylishYour Turn To WinTanquery GinMetallic Rey MinkAQHA4/19/2021
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company119Unnamed/Skylines Twister2020FillySorrelNasty CDSkylines TwisterMr Skyline Peppy
King Ranch120Kinenas Bandida2010MareBrownKinenos MoonBadges BandidaPlayboys BadgeMarsala RedAQHA6/22/2021
Four Sixes Ranch121Crowns Lad2015GeldingSorrelBoon SanRosen CrownPaddys Irish Whiskey
Beggs Cattle Company122Becaco Puncher2019GeldingSorrelMr Haida FloMd Becaco CD SomeCD Son of Magnolia
Four Sixes Ranch123Busy Morning2020FillyBuckskinNatural BottomMiss Busy BodyTuf N Busy
Tongue River Ranch124Bailey Reno Reward2014MareSorrelSmokin RewardFreckles Lucky RenoFreckles QuixotesGrinch With A GunAQHA6/27/2021
Tongue River Ranch125TRR Smokin Reno2021FillySorrelGrinch With A GunBailey Reno RewardSmokin Reward
Four Sixes Ranch126Jesses Buckle2017GeldingBuckskinJesses TopazBridle BuckleWR This Cats Smart
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company127Playin A Cruel Jewel2018MareSorrelPlayin AttractionCruel JewelLenas Jewel BarsBillies BlazeAQHA3/30/2021
Four Sixes Ranch128Natural Smart2020FillySorrelNatural BottomSixes SmartWR This Cats Smart
Wagonhound Land & Livestock129This Cats A Doll2013MarePalominoWR This Cats SmartTaris Designer DollNu Chex To CashTime MarkerAQHA6/4/2021
Four Sixes Ranch130Playin Cowhorse2015GeldingSorrelBoon SanPlayin SixPlayin Stylish
Tongue River Ranch131TRR Ms With A Gun2020FillySorrelGrinch With A GunTRR Ms Play PepPepcid
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company132PF Irish Starlight2015GeldingBayTejons New StarPaddy Irish RosePaddy Irish Whiskey
Four Sixes Ranch133This Cats turnin2012GeldingSorrelWR This Cats SmartTurnin AroundPeppy San Badger
Beggs Cattle Company134Becaco Hickorys Son2019GeldingSorrelCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco LowenbrauHickorys Lowenbrau
Four Sixes Ranch135MS Kittie2020FillySorrelNatural BottomStylish KittieMr Playinstylish
Tongue River Ranch136TRR Olena Iron2017FillySorrelTRR Big IronTRR Ms Pepcid OlenaPepcid
King Ranch137Marsalas Lucero2021ColtSorrelMarsala RedMoons Kinena BandidaKinenos Moon
Wagonhound Land & Livestock138Smart By Starlight2011GeldingBayWR This Cats SmartHR Smiling LightGrays Starlight
Four Sixes Ranch139Pease River Camp2017MareGrayPlayin StylishGinnin HancockTanquery GinBamacatAQHA5/1/2021
Beggs Cattle Company140Ms Becaco Pie2020FillyChestnutCD Son of MagnoliaMs Becaco GinsomePreferred Gin
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company141Bet Shesa Twistin2017MareRed RoanBet Hesa CatSkylines TwisterMr Skyline PeppyCat And CashAQHA3/30/2021
Four Sixes Ranch142Mucho Natural2017GeldingBuckskinNatural BottomWimpys SixWimpys Little Step
Tongue River Ranch143TRR Playgun Prise2018FillyBayTRR Big IronTRR Paisanos PriseNatural Enterprise
Four Sixes Ranch144W Pasture2014GeldingSorrelRockin WPickin TivioSixes Pick
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company145Unnamed/Ms Sir Eighty Six2020FillySorrelSixes PickMs Sir Eighty SixSirs Sir
King Ranch146El Reys Gran Calais2021FillyBrownEl Rey HidasChicos Gran HuracanCD Chico
Tongue River Ranch147SR Pretty Playboy2002MareBayPlayboy Lena BarSR JambalayaHolidocCR Tuff Be GreytAQHA6/9/2021
Four Sixes Ranch148Bets Selection2020FillyRed RoanBet Hesa CatCowgirl SelectionPaddys Irish Whiskey
Beggs Cattle Company149Becaco Butterscotch2019GeldingPalominoQuixotes LegendMs Becaco ButtermilkPlay Jimmy Too
Four Sixes Ranch150Unnamed/Miss Busy Lady2020FillySorrelMetallic MasterpieceMiss Busy LadyGuthrie City Limits
Wagonhound Land & Livestock151Gunnin For Smarts2012GeldingBay RoanWR This Cats SmartPeppy GunnerPlaygun
Tongue River Ranch152Baileys 402014MareSorrelSmokin RewardBaileys KoolettFreckles QuixotesGrinch With A Gun6/9/2021
Tongue River Ranch153TRR Kool Iron2021FillyBayTRR Big IronBaileys 40Smokin Reward
Four Sixes Ranch154Sixes Rifle2020ColtBuckskinJesses TopazSixes KnockoutSeven From Heaven
Beggs Cattle Company155Ms Becaco Verythree2020FillyGrayVery Especial CatBecaco Lady CdthreeCD Son of Magnolia
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company156Unnamed/Starrin Miss Playgun2020FillyBayGoodluck CattStarrin Miss PlaygunPlaygun
Four Sixes Ranch157Picks W2016GeldingSorrelRockin WPicks AttractionPlayin Attraction
Tongue River Ranch158Unnamed/Playin For Keeps RG2021ColtBayTRR Freckles HolidocPlayin For Keeps RGSmart Prince Moria
Four Sixes Ranch159Gins Stylish2010GeldingSorrelPlayin StylishGins LastTanquery Gin
King Ranch160Mr Hickory2020ColtSorrelMarsala RedBandida HickoryHickoryote
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company161Unnamed/Whiskey Sippin Kitty2020FillyBayBrother Tuff WoodWhiskey Sippin KittyPaddys Irish Whiskey
Four Sixes Ranch162Sixes Stirrup2020FillyBayBamacatGinnin PlaygunPlaygun
Tongue River Ranch163Smokin Baileys Jewel2013MareSorrelSmokin RewardBaileys Little JewelFreckles QuixotesGrinch With A GunAQHA6/9/2021
Tongue River Ranch164Unnamed/Smokin Baileys Jewel2021FillyBay RoanQuentice Mecom BlueSmokin Baileys JewelSmokin Reward
Four Sixes Ranch165Unnamed/Dear Little Pepto2020FillyBrownNatural BottomDear Little PeptoPepto Boonsmal
Beggs Cattle Company166Becaco Jokers Lady2020FillyBrownVery Especial CatMs Becaco JaythrefivPlay Jimmy Too
Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company167Unnamed/Cats Dashin Diamond2020FillyGrayBillies BlazeCats Dashin DiamondSpecial Gun
Four Sixes Ranch168Wimpys Smart Lady2020FillyBrownWR This Cats SmartWimpys SIxWimpys Little Step
King Ranch169Boons Prieta2020FillySorrelThe BoonLa Gata PrietaCats Red Feather
Four Sixes Ranch170Big Pasture2014GeldingGrayBet Hesa CatProductionMr Sun O Lena
Wagonhound Land & Livestock171Hollys Looking Smart2018MareSorrelHickory Holly TimeTeninas Smart LookWR This Cats SmartOlenas Nu ShineAQHA6/9/2021
Four Sixes Ranch172Guthrie Guns2017GeldingBayGuthrie City LimitsGuns For The SixesPlaygun


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