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Sixes Smart Cat
© Dena Milner

Guthrie, Texas, October 10, 2021 – The Annual Return to the Remuda sale was hosted at the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas on October 2, where 168 horses were sold to the public and saw the highest gross in the history of the sale.

The sale experienced the largest crowd ever on hand to preview and purchase from the legendary ranches of Beggs Cattle Company, Four Sixes Ranch, Tongue River Ranch, Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company, King Ranch, and Wagonhound Land & Livestock.

“I thought last year’s sale would be hard to beat, but this sale surpassed all of our expectations! Our buyers came from all over the country, California to Florida and 21 states in-between,” said Horse Division Manager and Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Glenn Blodgett.

The sale gross exceeded $3,000,000 with an overall average of more than $18,000, a 32% increase over 2020. “The two-year-old geldings and yearlings stayed consistent with last year’s sale, and we saw a considerable increase with aged geldings, weanlings, and older filles. The biggest gains were with the broodmares and stallion prospects, having above average offerings in those categories,” commented Blodgett.

Congratulations to the connections of the top 10 sellers:

  • Hip #90 SIXES SMART CAT “Jackie Chan” 2013 sorrel gelding (WR This Cats Smart – Sixes in Vegas, by Sixes Pick). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $250,000.
  • Hip #120 KINENAS BANDIDA 2010 brown mare (Kinenos Moon – Badges Bandida, by Playboys Badge). Consigned by King Ranch – $100,000.
  • Hip #81 BULE BONNET BLUE 2019 gray filly (Sixes Pick – Blue Gunpowder Ms, by PG Gunpower). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $75,000.
  • Hip #103 HESA SELECTION “Flocki” 2019 gray filly (Bet Hesa Cat – Cowgirl Selection, by Paddys Irish Whiskey). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $50,500
  • Hip #102 KINENOS RAINY MOON “Hombre” 2017 brown colt (Kinenos Moon – Rainy Koko Shadow, by Peppys Shadow). Consigned by King Ranch – $50,000
  • Hip #144 W PASTURE “Old Spice” 2014 sorrel gelding (Rockin W – Pickin Tivio, by Sixes Pick). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $48,500
  • Hip #94 BECACO SON TWOONE 2014 sorrel gelding (CD Son of Magnolia – Ms Becaco Exhodun, by Doctor Echo). Consigned by Beggs Cattle Company – $42,000
  • Hip #85 SLICK BROW CAT “Chisum” 2013 gray gelding (Cash And Cat – Slicks Lil Angie, by Smart N Slick). Consigned by Pitchfork Land & Cattle Company – $40,000
  • Hip #98 MS BECACO PISTOL 2018 sorrel filly (CD Son Of Magnolia – Ms Becaco Gun, by Playgun Olena). Consigned by Beggs Cattle Company – $40,000
  • Hip #77 TRR PASEOS BLUE GIN “Gator” 2013 sorrel gelding (Medicinal Mecom Blue – TRR Ms Paseos Gin, by Paseos Paisano). Consigned by Tongue River Ranch – $35,000
  • Hip #7 SIXES COOK 2019 bay filly (Guthrie City Limits – Paddy Ginnin Lady, by Paddys Irish Whiskey). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $35,000
  • #46 SEE HIM SMILE 2020 blue roan colt (Bet Hesa Cat – Haythorn 812, by Snickelfritz Mickey). Consigned by Four Sixes Ranch – $35,000
  • Complete results

All the ranches appreciate everyone who participated in the Return to the Remuda Sale and look forward to seeing everyone again in the Fall of 2022. “The success of the sale acknowledges our efforts in producing horses that are sought after for ranch use and in the arena. There is nothing more satisfying than to see sale graduates thrive under new ownership, we wish all the buyers’ success with their new purchases,” concluded Blodgett.

HIGH SELLER #90 Sixes Smart Cat, sold for $250,000!

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